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    Welcome to the Horeland Security guild website and forums. Hordeland Security is a casual, social family atmosphere guild for all levels. We are oriented around two major components.
These two components consist of leveling and raiding. This guild is new to the raiding experience and are working on gearing up members for our upcoming raids that are scheduled by our raid leader Pezdspencer,
 who in which tries for times that are best for everyone. We advise members who are able to raid to let the raid leader know what times are best for your personal schedule.  Note we are NOT a hardcore raiding guild but enjoy raiding as a whole.  We are currently recruiting new members of all levels, but are in desperate need of healers for our raiding experience.  We are looking for mostly healers who are comfortable with the position and who actually want to heal. If you are interested in joining Hordeland Security, you are welcome to apply for a position by signing up on this website.  Just answer the questionnaire when you sign up.  If you have any questions, please feel free to post in the “Questions” forum or contacts any of the members listed below! Thank you for visiting, see you in Ysondre!

Guild Leader: Krelin



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